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The following information can be used to help you cover bills and save money.


Do you practice budgeting? It can be an extremely helpful way to better manage your spending by helping you see how much money you have to work with.

The simplest way to budget is to take a piece of paper and write out how much you make (to start, just use a 1-month time frame) then write out the cost of your bills. The difference in what you make and what you spend could be your savings. 

Budgeting also allows you to see how much you could afford to spend each month on “big ticket” items. It is a good idea to save your receipts for every purchase and compare them to your budget. 

The Value of Saving

A savings account can help you prepare for your future. You can add your savings account into your monthly budgeting process to help save money for “big ticket” items. Texas Bank can help you save money by setting up automatic transfers.

Balancing Your Checkbook 

Balancing your checkbook will help you with a budgeting process. The best way to do it is to record transactions as they happen in your checkbook register. If you need a checkbook register, we can give you one free of charge at any of our branch locations.

Be sure to record deposits, automatic deposits, withdrawals, automatic payments, and any checks you write, as well as debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals. Check your register against your monthly statement, online banking, mobile banking, and telephone banking.

Monitor Your Accounts

It's important to stay current on how much money you have in your accounts. Texas Bank offers online banking, telephone banking, and mobile banking for free to all customers to make it easy.  In addition, if you have online banking you can setup automatic alerts to notify you in real time of negative balances, non-sufficient funds items/transactions, and security alerts to name a few.

The telephone banking phone number is 888-682-3375 and you can access online banking site from our homepage. You can set up free account balance alerts through online banking to notify you when your account drops below a certain limit.

You will need to sign up for online banking before you can sign up for Mobile App or Text Banking. 

Free Financial Educational Program

The government also offers a free financial education program that has great tips on how to be money smart with your finances. This program is offered by the FDIC. You can read more about this program here.

Savings Sweeps to Protect from Overdraft

Did you know that Texas Bank offers sweeps from a savings account to cover overdraft balances on your checking? With this service, if you go spend more than you have in your checking, we will automatically transfer funds from your savings to cover it. 

Each sweep costs $5.00. Savings accounts have additional transaction limits; please see savings product pages for details

Overdraft Protection

Use of Bounce Protection is subject to a strict requirement that you maintain your account in good standing by avoiding excessive overdrafts. You should not use Bounce Protection like a line of credit or a regular source of funds, but rather to cover inadvertent occasional overdrafts and as a safety net to help you in emergencies. Learn more about Bounce Protection here.

Any item that gets paid into your Bounce Protection will cost you a $29.50 paid-item fee. You can call our Customer Service Department at 903-657-1466 to see if your account qualifies for Bounce Protection. You can opt out of Bounce Protection at any time by contacting us or by stopping by your local branch.

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